Reach Higher by Putting Your Supporters First offers your organization an effective way to raise additional funds while actually benefiting your supporters. By using, your supporters will have access to thousands of offers and discounts throughout the year from thousands of their favorite online stores. While your supporters enjoy savings and deals on their purchases, they automatically generate CashBack contributions for your organization.

Many churches, missionary organizations, and other Christian ministries struggle to raise the funds necessary to impact our communities to the fullest extent. Even though friends and supporters of the ministry often contribute as much as they can, important programs never get off the ground; ministry opportunities are lost; and growth is stifled for lack of financial resources. With, you can both increase funding for your ministry AND benefit your supporters at the very same time.


ChristianCause - HomeWhat is works by offering your supporters online offers and discounts at over 1,000 national stores that your supporters already patronize. While your supporters save money on the products and services they regularly purchase, their purchases, in turn, generate cash back contributions for your ministry. employs a secure, closed-loop system with multiple checks and balances to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for your supporters and your ministry. And there is no cost for either your organization or your supporters to use

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Program Platforms

Our custom-branded shopping sites can be used to:

  • Motivate and reward employees customers, or members.
  • Strengthen the power of your brand
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Increase customer loyalty and referrals
  • Help you stand out from the crowd