VIR’s senior executives include senior management formerly with Deloitte Consulting’s Customer & Market Strategy practice, a world-class marketing strategy group serving the world’s largest companies.  VIR consulting services works with its clients to improve customer loyalty and the customer experience through the deployment of key strategic initiatives associated with VIR’s leading Online Reward Mall technology. It is VIR’s goal to drive additional business to clients by using our tools help to deliver a compelling value proposition to your customers. It is our duty to devise a plan for you to outwit and outmaneuver the competition with the aid of our premier platforms.

Multi-Channel Strategy

In our experience working with multi-billion dollar clients, we have seen analysis that shows that multi-channel customers (those that shop and buy via the web, catalog, call center and stores) can spend up to four times as much annually as than single-channel customers.  We have experience in defining the necessary distinct channel roles, brand development, and customer experience to bring your company to the leading edge of the multi-channel world.

Key Initiatives:

  • Establish the proper brand “story” for each channel
  • Incorporate leading practices from a variety of industries
  • Convert your browsers into buyers and your buyers into ‘best customers’

Customer Experience

We have extensive experience in designing the right customer offers, delivering the key messages and developing client capabilities to create a world-class customer experience. A broad view of customer experience, cutting across corporate functions and channels, is critical to success, and we have the knowledge to bring that into focus for you.

Key Initiatives:

  • Develop a compelling Voice of the Customer across the Customer Lifecycle
  • Create a fact-based assessment of customer needs and expectations
  • Develop a multi-channel experience that exceeds customer expectations

Customer Loyalty

Our goal is to develop your customers into Brand Advocates.  These are customers who will spread the word and be a consistent word-of-mouth asset for your company. VIR will define investment opportunities that build sustainable customer relationships, identify core customers and their beliefs and target the reward programs around the levers that drive their decision making.

Key Initiatives:

  • Advanced segmentation, moving toward one-to-one marketing
  • Loyalty program development, leveraging Online Reward Malls
  • Customer mobility strategies designed to increase lifetime value

Marketing Strategy

Brand focus is critical for any business. VIR’s consulting services can lead the development of a plan to use Online Reward Mall technology to connect your brand with your customer on a very personal and necessary level.

Key Initiatives:

  • Develop overall marketing strategy
  • Define personalized product recommendations and promotions
  • Create tools to align brand message with customer base

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