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Triple Tag Team Scores Big for Veterans at the Super Bowl

January 14, 2013

The economic downturn has affected everyone in the country. One sector particularly hard hit are nonprofit organizations, which depend on peoples' and corporations’ ability to give to support their causes. 

One company making a real difference is this regard is Very Important Relationships, Inc., with its new fund raising program. "A great deal of VIR’s focus over the past several years has been developing programs to help nonprofit organization because of the incredible impact they produce for people." says Jody Tallal, CEO of VIR. "Explodium was created to provide a platform for athletes and celebrities to help fund their favorite causes through a unique Web 2.0 social community that has its own Internet CashBack Shopping Mall.”

Another organization with a similar goal is AAG Foundation. AAGF’s mission is “Unifying Athletes for the Betterment of our Communities”.  AAG Foundation empowers athletes to impact communities through education and social development.  

“VIR’s is the perfect vehicle to allow our 200+ athletes to give back to their communities.”  says Reggie Howard, AAGF’s President / Executive Director.  “Each athlete can establish an Explodium community for their fans where they can communicate directly with them. Additionally, each athlete can select their favorite nonprofit organization to receive revenues from the shopping their fans do in the Explodium mall.   

A third force doing very important work is the “I am not A HERO Foundation”.  The “I am Not A HERO Foundation’s advisory board is composed of athletes, entertainers, small business owners and Veterans.  I am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc. provides leadership development/NFL mini camps, therapeutic Monac Butterfly Gardens, Pre Super & Pro Bowl Events , gift bags, etc for our Wounded Warriors, Military Families and Veterans . “The I am Not A HERO Foundation was looking for a centralized portal to maximize shopping for a cause to enhance our athletes and celebrities abilities to allow their fans to support their efforts.” states CJ Jordan, Co-founder of Hero. ”Explodium provides us with that opportunity.”

AAGF, HERO and are teaming up together during the week of the Super Bowl to sponsor several events to raise money. The AAG Foundation, in association with Foxx Entertainment Group, will host the Florida Athlete’s Ball (The FAB) at Jungle Island in Miami on Thursday, Feb. 4, at 9 p.m. – just days before the Big Game. Prior to the event, several AAG Foundation member athletes will participate in the Miami community “I am Not A Hero Foundation’s” HERO Military Kids Flag Football Game NFC vs. AFC.  Athlete and celebrities associated with both AAGF and HERO will also be blogging in their communities about the events and their activities leading up to the Super Bowl.
We are very excited to be joining AAGF and Hero during the Super Bowl for such great causes”, says Tallal. “In this game everyone  is a winner!”

About Very Important Relationships, Inc.: VIR is an on-line marketing solutions company founded on the simple truth that the best way to help yourself is to help others first. Its mission is to help companies and non-profit organizations improve the core relationships which are critical to their survival. VIR is one of the nation’s premier developers of on-line CashBack Mega Malls, operating 17 business models that sever seven industries.


About AAG Foundation:
The AAG Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower athletes to impact communities through education and social development.  Based in Atlanta, this nationwide non-profit organization lists Board of Advisor members include Ambassador Andrew Young, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, among others, and aims to make a difference in the charitable arena that inspires them the most. 


About I am not A HERO Foundation:
I am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc was founded in 2007 as the only national Military  Charity co-founded by athletes, entertainers and civilians in support of our Armed Forces, Wounded Warriors, Military Families and Veterans.  Its goals include advancing and nourishing the special spirit of its traditions, values of sportsmanship and encouraging those in the sports, entertainment and general citizenry to support those who serve.

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