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Touchstone Energy Electrifies its Co-op Connections Card with Cash Back Rewards Mall

Cason City, NV (February 5, 2015) - Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR), one of the nation’s premier developers of Internet CashBack Rewards Malls and provider of customer loyalty, employee benefits, and fundraising programs, today announced that Touchstone Energy Cooperatives (Touchstone Energy) has added VIR’s Cash Back Rewards Mall to its Co-op Connections Card program.

The Co-op Connections Card is a member loyalty program that provides Touchstone Energy’s 30 million plus members discounts on local and national merchants. The addition of My VIP Savings to the Connections Card allows members to now shop on-line with almost every major brand store in the country and earn CashBack on every purchase; it is discount shopping at its best. is an Internet Cash Back Mall that features over 1,000 of the nation’s top stores in an easy to use web interface that makes shopping on-line a snap. The amount of CashBack a member can earn from their purchases in their Connections MyVIPSavings Cash Back Mall can add up to significant money over the course of a year. Additionally, merchants in the mall are competing with one another to win the member's business. This takes the form of 1200 – 1500 special discount shopping offers and Promo Codes daily which can save members up to an additional 80% off selected purchases.

"Touchstone Energy’s Co-op Connections Card is an example of customer loyalty at its finest", says Jody Tallal, CEO of VIR. "If most companies had captive members like the electric co-ops, they would think that building a customer loyalty program was the last thing in which they needed to invest money.

However, Touchstone Energy understands that in strengthening its relationships with its members, it can harness together their incredible purchasing power for the benefit of all involved. This equates in being able to positively affect the lives of its members in more areas than just electricity. The more value a company provides to its customer, the more loyal that customer becomes. This is why developing its Co-op Connections Card is such a brilliant business philosophy."

"The My VIP Savings Cash Back Mall was the perfect addition for the Co-op Connections Card", says Scott Bialick, Brand Specialist of Touchstone. "Giving our member access to over 1,000 stores in which they can earn CashBack and save significant money on just about everything they buy launches the Connections Card into the stratosphere. It fits our commitment of creating more value for our members like a custom made glove."

Through the addition of My VIP Savings Cash Back Rewards Mall to the Co-op Connections Program, Touchstone Energy has just raised the bar on customer loyalty in the entire industry.

About Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
Touchstone Energy Cooperatives is a national alliance made up of more than 733 local, consumer-owned electric cooperatives in 46 states. Touchstone Energy co-ops collectively deliver power and energy solutions to more than 30 million members every day. Electric cooperatives distribute power for 75 percent of the U.S. land mass over 2.4 million miles of power lines. Electric cooperatives were established to provide electricity to rural America, and now make up the largest electric utility network in the nation. Touchstone Energy is the national brand identity for that network.

The Co-op Connections® Web site,, is the place for consumer-members to obtain details about online, national and local discounts offered by participating Touchstone Energy cooperatives across the country. Use the search engine to find discounts right at home - or anywhere you travel. The list of participating businesses continues to grow, so check back periodically. Co-op Connections is just another benefit to being a member of your local electric cooperative.

About Very Important Relationships
Very Important Relationships, Inc. is a premier developer of Internet CashBack Rewards shopping programs. VIR operates 17 different CashBack mall business models that serve seven industries, including employee benefits, customer loyalty, nonprofit fundraising, and association benefits. Each VIR CashBack Mega Mall containing over 1,000 of the nation’s top retailers, offer CashBack on all purchases, plus “Hot Savings” offers daily from the merchants competing against one another for the members business.

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