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AAG Foundation To Send Its President Reggie Howard
to Haiti With Critical Supplies

Today, the AAG Foundation (,  announced it would be sending its President and Executive Director, former NFL corner-back Reggie Howard, to Haiti as part of AAGF’s Haitian relief efforts. Howard will be taking with him food, water, medicine, tents, etc. acquired from donations recently made to the AAGF for this purpose.

Howard will fly to the Dominican Republic  on February 26th, 2010. From there he will travel by ground to Pignon, which is 3 1/2 hours north of Port of Prince. He will stay in Pignon through March 7th to help provide the supplies they brought to the victims of Haiti.

“Going to Haiti is the best way to ensure that we are getting help directly to the victims that need it most.” says Howard. “With such a monumental tragedy it has hard to think of anything else but trying to find a way to help any way we could”.

“For people that are interested, I will be blogging about what is currently happening in Haiti in real time during my trip in AAGF’s special community on” adds Howard. “ is the perfect venue to accomplish this as it will allow people to follow my journey and reply directly to my blogs and also provide their own thoughts or asking questions as well. I believe it is important to keep what is going on in Haiti in front of people long after the prime time news networks have moved on to other stories.” is unique new “free” social network community developed by Very Important Relationships, Inc. Each Explodium member gets their own personalized CashBack Rewards Mega mall which contains over 1,000 of the nation’s most recognized stores where they receive CashBack on everything they buy. They also get to create their own Homepage from the widgets available on Explodium which allows them to create a personalized experience every time they go online.

“Another way people who want to support AAGF’s mission can help is to join AAGF’s Explodium community at”, says Howard, “Then just shop in your Explodium CashBack mall with the same merchants you already patronize. Not only will you receive special offers and discounts from those merchants, you will also get CashBack on all of your purchases. But the real benefit is that every time you earn CashBack, you will also be generating important contribution for AAGF, which be used towards our continuing Haitian relief efforts.”    


About AAG Foundation:
The AAG Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower athletes to impact communities through education and social development.  Based in Atlanta, this nationwide non-profit organization lists Board of Advisor members include Ambassador Andrew Young, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, among others, and aims to make a difference in the charitable arena that inspires them the most. 

About Very Important Relationships, Inc.: VIR is an on-line marketing solutions company founded on the simple truth that the best way to help yourself is to help others first. Its mission is to help companies and non-profit organizations improve the core relationships which are critical to their survival. VIR is one of the nation’s premier developers of on-line CashBack Mega Malls, operating 17 business models that sever seven industries.


VIR Contact:
Jody Tallal, CEO
(972) 726-9595

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