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VIR's Corporate Sponsored CashBack Mall Shopping Malls Now Exceed 10,000

Reno, NV (April 18, 2015) - Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR),, an on-line marketing solutions technology company, and one of the nation's premier builders of Internet Cash Back Rewards Shopping Malls, today announced that it now has over 10,000 corporate sponsored Cash Back Rewards Shopping Malls in operation using VIR's technology. VIR's B2B model helps other companies' offer their own branded CashBack Rewards Mall as a loyalty programs to the people they serve. VIR's clients come from 6 different industries that use their own branded VIR Cash Back malls as a customer loyalty program for their customers; employee benefit for employees; association benefit for members, or a fund raising vehicle for their non profit organizations.

In the last few years, Cash Back Shopping Malls have become one of the hottest customer loyalty programs available with the top major airlines, national banks, credit card issuers, hotel chains, and national retailers all offering their own version of a Cash Back shopping mall to their customers as their own customer loyalty program. "VIR saw this emerging trend in our industry as it was unfolding and began focusing on developing technology to meet other companies' needs." says Jody Tallal, CEO of VIR. "Today, over 10,000 entities, from corporations to nonprofit organizations to associations to electricity Coops are using VIR's CashBack Malls as their own loyalty program. Our clients range from companies with only a few hundred employees using a CashBack mall as an employee benefit to entities like Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, which offers its VIR mall through its Connections Co-op program that has over 32 million cardholders."

VIR also recently released Version 2 of its Multiple Integration System Technology (M.I.S.T.) which allows VIR to create custom platforms for its clients that can integrate any array of independent website and web services. Basically anything with an I.P. address can be integrated together to create a seamless end user experience.

"MIST is a series of software, systems, and architected solutions that provide a fully integrated web solution wrapped in a pluggable, dynamic framework." says Keith Willis, CTO of VIR. "This dynamic framework allows for the quick deployment of web applications to the cloud.

Key customizations can be made to the User Interface components allowing for a fast, streamlined deployment of any number of user-definable web configurations. In essence, mall platforms that deploys MIST architecture allows for unlimited inclusion of content, growth, and scalability, which can be developed at unparallel speeds."

"With VIR's newest generation of M.I.S.T," says Tallal, "VIR can now efficiently serve the most demanding corporate needs of Fortune 100 companies. We are excited that M.I.S.T. now allows VIR to develop custom applications for our clients that no other company in our industry can match."

About Very Important Relationships
Very Important Relationships, Inc. is a premier developer of Internet CashBack Rewards shopping programs. VIR operates 17 different CashBack mall business models that serve seven industries, including employee benefits, customer loyalty, nonprofit fundraising, and association benefits. Each VIR CashBack Mega Mall containing over 1,000 of the nation’s top retailers, offer CashBack on all purchases, plus “Hot Savings” offers daily from the merchants competing against one another for the members business.

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