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Tim Brown starts his Community for Fans

Notre Dame Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown announced today that he has set up a community for his fans at Explodium is the new rage in social network sites that combines the best of some of the most exciting aspects of the Internet.

Explodium comingles a Facebook type community component with a personalized CashBack Rewards Mega Mall feature containing over 1,000 of the nation’s most recognized stores, plus has an on-line competition game room which connects to a community with over 30 million registered players playing over 650,000 games daily. It also has a unique personalized Internet Home page that allows each user to create a Home page from dozens of widgets so that this page becomes exactly what they want most every time they open their Internet browser.

“A lot of my friends have Facebook or Twitter accounts, but when I saw Explodium, I saw something much more important”, says Brown. “Explodium goes way beyond a simple social network because of its huge on-line CashBack mall; and in today’s economy, who couldn’t use the opportunity to receive hundreds of special offers every day, plus get CashBack on everything you buy anyway from over 1,000 merchants? Explodium gives me a way to share something important with my fans that can make a real difference. It is like I have personally arranged for them to be able to get special deals and CashBack on everything they buy.”

“Explodium was intentionally designed to combine the most exciting elements of the Internet under one roof”, says Jody Tallal, CEO of Very Important Relationships, Inc, the developer of Explodium. “Additionally, because VIR receives revenues for each of the merchants in its mall, it can share a substantial portion of those revenues with its members in the form of CashBack dollars. This has additionally allowed us to do something never done before in any viral network community in the past; share with them revenues based on what we receive as their friends receive in CashBack, and this goes down a full seven generations.”

What makes Explodium unique is that takes a portion of its profits it received for the merchants in its mall and shares it to incentivize its viral growth process. This places Explodium in the enviable position of potentially setting new records for an Internet platform going viral. Up to date, all Internet concepts which have gone viral offered a unique aspect that developed very strong consumer advocacy. People get excited about it and naturally want to share it with their friends.

“Previously, it has not been possible to incentivize a viral model before Explodium, because that would have required that someone would have had to pay something in order to generate money to pay back to incentive the business model.”, says Tallal. “Because Explodium has tapped into the marketing budgets of over a 1,000 of the nation’s top merchants, it has found the secret key to accomplish this.”

“Explodium is not only allowing me to help my fans save money, but also generate for themselves substantial money for doing nothing more basic that sharing something great with their family and friends.” states Brown. “It also generates money for introducing them to Explodium, which I have arranged to be donated to “The Children’s Miracle Network” to help that very important cause. All my fans need to do to join my Explodium Community and help the Children’s Miracle Network while the Shop, Save, and Get Paid, is to go to and register for Free. It is like the perfect storm in a good sense; everyone wins at every level and nobody loses. Now that’s a game I have never seen before.”

Since a person can only join Explodium once and then is automatically placed in the family tree of the person who invited them, this is going to create a very interesting phenomenon. One of the primary reasons that Twitter experienced such incredible growth is because of athletes, stars, singers, and other celebrities creating their own Twitter networks for their fans. Since Twitter does not involve any genealogy tracking like Explodium, a fan could be linked to numerous other celebrities.

“Any member of Explodium can join the community of any other member on Explodium they want just like any other social network.”, says Tallal. “However, they can only have one original sponsor, and that is what makes this so interesting. Some celebrities will see this as a way to generate significant income by helping their fans save money and do the same at the same time. Others will see it as an incredible opportunity to sponsor their favorite charities with significant contributions like Tim Brown is doing. However, due to Explodium unique genealogy structure, it is now an official horse race between all celebrities in all industry to get to their fans in their community first, because the first one to get them that gets that fan will be the one who will receive the revenue earned be being the original inviter.”

This should create something quite interesting to observe because fans span across numerous industries. One fan may have several sports heroes, favorite movie stars and singers, but they will only be able to be under the person that introduced them to Explodium, so the race is to see whichever celebrity reaches them first.

Whoever said there is no such thing as a free lunch, hasn’t seen Explodium yet.

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Jody Tallal
(972) 726-9595

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