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Microsoft Says Farwell To Bing CashBack: steps in to fill the void.

Carson City, NV (June 9, 2013) - Early this week, Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president for Microsoft's Online Audience Business Group, stated in his blog post that Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Bing’s CashBack Shopping.  Mehdi’s states, “we will be retiring the Bing cashback feature, which means that the last day you can earn cashback will be July 30, 2010.”

Many Bing CashBack shoppers, who have become quite fond of Bing CashBack, will no doubt be disappointed by Microsoft’s decision to terminate this program. This is especially true in today’s economy as earning CashBack on items you are going to purchase anyway makes a lot of financial sense. The good news is that if you are one of those Bing CashBack shoppers, you now have a new option to replace your Bing CashBack account with a free, new social network called

“ is a unique new social shopping network that provides numerous benefits to its members.” says Jody Tallal, the CEO of Very Important Relationships, Inc., (which owns Explodium).  “Each member receives their own personalized Internet portal, which includes their own CashBack Shopping Mall with over 1,000 of the nation’s top stores.  As an Explodium member, you can arrange your mall to display your favorite stores on your own personal Explodium home page.”

In addition to offering over 1,000 merchants, Explodium daily publishes between 1,000 to 1,500 special offers from its merchants. These merchants compete fiercely with the other merchants in your Explodium’s mall to win your business. And as with Bing CashBack, every purchase made with each merchant in your Explodium portal earns you CashBack. 

Explodium also offers a powerful new social community component that allows each member to pull together all of their favorite social networks in one place. “With your Explodium community section, you can integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts (plus your own Explodium social shopping community made up of friends you invite to join Explodium), all into a single community page.” says Tallal. “This means that you can see all of your Facebook content, tweets, and Explodium community posts, at the same time, on the same page. You can even click on the icons for LinkedIn, Flicker, and other social networks, and display your account with them inside your Explodium community page as well.”

A member’s Explodium community can be expanded just like Facebook. In fact you can invite all of your  Facebook friends to enjoy the benefits of Explodium as well, and when they do; your friends are instantaneously linked to your personal Explodium community.  

“Explodium wants to become the new home to Bing CashBack customers that lost their Bing CashBack shopping accounts”, states Tallal. “As a special accommodation to welcome all new Bing CashBack shoppers, Explodium has set up a special Bing CashBack community for them to join and stay in communication. To register for Explodium in the new Bing CashBack community, just go to”

It is said that as one door shuts another opens. This is certainly the case for Bing CashBack shoppers due to the closing of Bing CashBack. Explodium offers those loyal Bing CashBack customers a bright new future with their own new personal Explodium portal bringing them CashBack and so much more.


About Very Important Relationships
Very Important Relationships, Inc. is a premier developer of Internet CashBack Rewards shopping programs. VIR operates 17 different CashBack mall business models that serve seven industries, including employee benefits, customer loyalty, nonprofit fundraising, and association benefits. Each VIR CashBack Mega Mall containing over 1,000 of the nation’s top retailers, offer CashBack on all purchases, plus “Hot Savings” offers daily from the merchants competing against one another for the members business.

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