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VIR Announces a Customer Loyalty CashBack Shopping Mall Program for Banks and Credit Unions

Cason City, NV (June 13, 2014) - Within the last 24 months, the nation's largest financial institutions began offering Internet CashBack shopping malls to their customers, quickly making them one of the most powerful customer loyalty program of all time. Prime examples are Bank of America Add-It-Up CashBack Mall, MasterCard Market Place, Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall, and Citi Bonus Cash Center Mall.

Today, Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR), an on-line marketing solutions company and one of the nation's premier builders of Internet CashBack Shopping Malls announced the launch of its new CashBack Customer Loyalty Mall specifically designed for banks and credit unions

"Developing an Internet CashBack shopping mall is a very expensive and time consuming process", says Jody Tallal, CEO of VIR, "which is the reason VIR developed it new Financial Services CashBack Customer Loyalty Mall program. The goal of this platform is to help smaller to mid size banks and credit unions get in the game for a fraction of the cost of what the mega banks have spent. The exciting part is that VIR's technology and delivery platforms are second to none, so its clients will have a product that exceeds the specs of all of the major programs currently being offered."

VIR's new financial services platform is built using VIR's proprietary Integrated Systems Technology ("MIST"). MIST architecture allows the integration of multiple websites/services, and different secured online systems ("multiple web based platforms"), all under one roof; thus creating a seamless experience for the end user.

"MIST will allow VIR's financial services client's to integrate custom features from multiple web based platforms into a single, independent platform." says Tallal. "MIST is an overlay platform that can integrate the financial institution's website with multiple other web based platforms (both secured and unsecured), creating a seamless, personalized experience for the end user. This means the organization's website can showcase VIR's array of "value added" loyalty products; the client's own products or services; the products and service of other companies that client wishes to integrate; independent external websites of interest to the end user; etc. A MIST platform can also be used as an independent delivery mechanism for different products and services that tracks sales and shares revenues between partners and commissioned sales people. The possibilities are endless."

A Financial Services Customer Loyalty CashBack mall built using MIST gives VIR the ability to create fully customized programs for each client based on its own specifications for pennies on the dollars in normal development costs. Additionally, instead of a standard CashBack Mall that looks like all of the others, MIST allows VIR's financial services clients to offer their customers personalized personal portals that include their own Home Page, integration of their favorite social networks, their own CashBack shopping mall containing over 1,000 of the nation's top retailers, offer CashBack on all purchases, plus "Hot Savings" offers daily from the merchants competing against one another for the members business, and much more.

"A custom MIST based CashBack Malls levels the playing field for our financial services client's." states Tallal. "They will not only now be able to offer their own CashBack mall customer loyalty program to their customers, but will be actually upping the ante for competitors to stay in the game."

About Very Important Relationships
Very Important Relationships, Inc. is a premier developer of Internet CashBack Rewards shopping programs. VIR operates 17 different CashBack mall business models that serve seven industries, including employee benefits, customer loyalty, nonprofit fundraising, and association benefits. Each VIR CashBack Mega Mall containing over 1,000 of the nation's top retailers, offer CashBack on all purchases, plus "Hot Savings" offers daily from the merchants competing against one another for the members business.

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