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Largest Financial Services Companies Capitalizing on How the Economy Is Affecting Their Customers

Cason City, NV (July 14, 2014) - Besides being some of the largest companies in the financial services industry, what else does American Express, Citi, Chase, Bank of America and MasterCard all have in common? The answer is that they are all now offering an on-line CashBack Rewards Shopping Mall to their customers as a customer loyalty program.

Why all of a sudden has offering a CashBack Rewards Mall become such a widely accepted customer loyalty program with top tier financial institutions? Because research is demonstrating that their customers attitude towards the way they relate to their money has undergone a massive shift over the last couple of years due to the economy.

"People who would not drive across the street to save a nickel on a gallon of gas a couple of years ago are now drive several miles to do just that." says Jody Tallal, CEO of Very Important Relationships Inc. ("VIR"), an on-line marketing solutions company, and one of the nation's premier builders of Internet CashBack Shopping Malls. "In our lifetime, people have never been more attuned to getting the highest and best use of every dollar they receive; and earning CashBack on everything you buy is a prime example of how to do just that".

Internet CashBack shopping malls provide a shopper with access to earn CashBack with almost every store with whom they shop. Additionally, some of the top ones also offer special discounts and Promo Codes to save money on selected items with the malls merchants.

However, now that so many financial services companies are offering CashBack Malls to their customers, what is the next evolution of customer loyalty CashBack Reward Malls?

"VIR started over 2 years ago developing its next generation of CashBack Rewards Malls", states Tallal. "The result is what VIR refers to as the Second Generation Personal Portal ("SGPP"). SGPPs integrate everything the consumer needs at their fingertips, all under one roof.

VIR's SGPP includes a very robust personal Home Page that allows the user to get everything they normal access on the Internet with a click of their mouse, instead of typing the URL into the web browser. Their news, social networks, favorite stores, etc., are all integrated into one webpage that opens when they launch their browser and they are never more than a mouse click away from what they want next.

Additionally, their SGPP also houses their own personal CashBack Shopping Mall with over 1,000 of the nation's top stores, all offering CashBack. In addition to CashBack, the stores in their personal mall are all competing with one another to get their business. These stores send VIR thousands of special sale items and Promo Codes daily trying to attract our mall shoppers, just like occurs in a real shopping mall".

VIR also has developed something it call Multiple Integration System Technology ("MIST"), that enables it to integrate numerous websites and server side applications into a seamless experience for the end user. MIST can marry together any combination of websites, web services, databases, server side applications, etc., into a custom presentation that allows all to function together as a single user experience.

"MIST allows VIR to turn a user's SGPP into a combination of sites, all operating under one umbrella", explains Tallal. "Through MIST we can combine VIR's client's main website into the SGPP experience of their customers, along with their favorite social communities, CashBack mall, competition game rooms, etc. It also has its own genealogy tracking system so that users can invite friends and have them linked to them as well."

VIR's new SGPP using MIST elevates the value of a CashBack Mall that a person only uses when they want to buy something into a place they go to consume the content they use on the Internet. Because everything is now available under one roof through a person's utilization of their SGPP, the sponsoring company's brand stays front and center every time they login.

"MIST gives VIR the ability to offer its clients the next generation of customer loyalty program." says Tallal. "For companies coming to the CashBack Rewards Mall customer loyalty concept a bit late, VIR cannot not only level the playing field by allow them to jump in the game in a manner of weeks for a fraction of the cost and development time of what the pioneers of this idea spent on their programs; but tilts the field in their favor by substantially changing the rules of the game."

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