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Very Important Relationships, Inc. Partners with the University of Oklahoma’s Varsity "O" Association Set To Boost Scholarship Funding

Dallas, TX (September 29, 2012) - Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR), a leading provider of online marketing solutions, announced it will provide to the Varsity "O" Association its platform. is the world’s first viral fundraising technology which can help Varsity "O" generate additional scholarship funds while helping its supporters at the same time.

The University of Oklahoma’s Varsity "O" Association is a service-oriented extension of OU Athletics, composed of all letterwinners at OU.  Varsity “O” provides scholarships to athletes who have completed their NCAA eligibility but still are working toward degrees.

The Varsity “O” Association's offers a new and exciting way of supercharging the inflow of scholarship funding by using VIR's proven technology, which combines an online CashBack Mall with a personalized home page, social network, game room and more for each supporter.   

Varsity "O" will offer to its members so they can shop with their favorite merchants, receive special deals, and get CashBack on every purchase, while at the same time generating donations to Varsity "O." OU supporters can take advantage of great savings on purchases from respected merchants and generate scholarship funding at the same time.

“You cannot claim to be a fan of sports without knowing about the top notch sports programs at OU,” says Jody Tallal, CEO of Very Important Relationships, Inc.  “Collegiate athletes dedicate a lot of their time in order to compete at such a high level.  Our hope is that, through Varsity “O” and, they can reassure athletes of their supporters’ and fans’ appreciation by fully sustaining their ambitions for a higher education.”

Those who wish to enroll in The Varsity "O" Association's and enjoy its exceptional benefits, which also support Varsity “O,” can go to and enroll today for free.


About Varsity “O”
The University of Oklahoma Varsity "O" Association was founded in 1925 as the Letterman's Club.  Its goals include advancing and nourishing the special spirit of its traditions, values of sportsmanship and encouraging scholarship.


About Very Important Relationships
Very Important Relationships, Inc. is a leading provider of online marketing solutions, which include state of the art "customer loyalty" programs, employee and association benefits, and unique fundraising technologies. VIR's core services center around its proprietary online CashBack Mall technology (which offers 1,000+ of the nation's top stores all offering CashBack on every purchase), combined with VIR's world-class dedicated social networks, marketing strategy consulting, personalized home pages and much more.

Very Important Relationships, Inc.
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